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Aromatic Bath to d_tendre the winter c_ur

Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, already prescribed baths aromatic plants for therapeutic care or just for relaxation. The bath scented with essential oils is an excellent way to relax for sure after a hectic day! Some candles soft glow, your favorite sound, the phone turned off, you slip into the water, you relax and you enjoy the precious aromatic benefits! Remember to mix your essential oil with a neutral base for bath, to ensure good dissolution. BASE NEUTRAL The base is essential because essential oils are not soluble in water. Failing neutral basis, you have other options: – Mix a fifteen essential oil drops to 3 tablespoons of shower gel or shampoo. – Honey can also be used as a dispersant. 3 tablespoons honey and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, for extra softness, always essential for a couple of drops of oil. – Milk powder at the rate of fifteen drops of essential oil per cup. STEP BY STEP First take a shower, not having to flush you out of the bath and take advantage of the properties of essential oils as long as possible! 1. Run the bath water and pour your mixture of essential oils in the neutral base or dispersant of choice. 2. Create your atmosphere: candles, music, a cup of red tea (because it is caffeine-free!), A few flower petals to complete the decor … 3. Immerse yourself in scented water for twenty minutes to leave well with essential oils time to act. 4. Delight, eyes closed, this time that you allow yourself, away from all commotion. 5. Take you without rinsing, put on a very cozy bathrobe and enjoy this moment of pure tranquility. BATH No. 1 « AFTER A CRAZY DAY » Adult – Essential oil of small grain bitter orange bio: 10 drops – Essential oil of fine organic lavender 5 drops – Base bath: 1 teaspoonful Please do not chew the « bad things » of the day and even not relive while accelerated, even if it were good things. These are quiet, to be here and now. wild lavender, rock and butterfly BATH No. 2 « painkillers » Adult – Essential oil of wintergreen * Organic: 12 drops – Essential oil of turpentine bio: 3 drops – Base bath: 1 teaspoonful Back of a move or a particularly active workout, the temptation to lie down on a couch. Error. Gather micro strengths ultimate living to lie down, but in the tub with your essential oils. * Source : Wind toy, Aromapsy Two final recommendations The irritating and dermocaustic essential oils are not recommended for an aromatic bath. Remember to consult the general precautions before using essential oils.

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