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Vegetable Castor oil: Part 1

Castor oil is ideal for all skin types, even sensitive and suitable for all hair types. This oil is known for its soothing properties and for its strengthening action appendages (hair, nails). Stories mentioned that Cleopatra used it for facials.


If your eyelashes you despair when applying mascara because they are too short or thin, consider doing castor oil applications to beautify and strengthen them.


If your hair infuriate you when styling because they are forked, brittle and raplapla, consider vegetable castor oil. Its thick consistency can fill the scales of the hair and acts as a sheath. It is more effective to use on dry hair.

Results : your hair will be less brittle, thicker and stronger. In addition, castor oil is known to facilitate regrowth. The care is going to nourish and strengthen the hair fiber.