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Strat_gie Slimming with Essential Oils

It’s fall ! What follows is an invitation to take care of yourself … an invitation to rediscover lightness, day after day, by taking a wellness massage with multiple benefits. RECIPE Anti Cellulite reserved for adults. Cedar essential oil Atlas Bio: 3ml (45 drops) Lemongrass essential oil or organic patchouli: 1ml (15 drops) Oil of evergreen cypress bio: 1ml (15 drops) vegetable oil Organic Argan: QSP 50ml * « The above mixture is 10% or 5 ml of essential oil to 50 ml of vegetable oil. » * Quantity Sufficient For Source: The great guide essential oils Fabienne Millet TIP PREPARATION For regular use (cure 3 weeks, then break for a week before resuming a course of 3 weeks …) take a 50ml measuring bottle and divide the number of essential oil drops by two to obtain a mixture 5%. HOW TO USE? Special precaution : If cons-indication to estrogen, the cypress essential oil can be replaced by juniper essential oil or essential oil of mastic. MORE Special Precautions – Cypress essential oil: against-indications to estrogen (hormone-dependent cancers, mastoses, fibroids …) – Essential oil of rosemary officinalis ct verbénone: presence of camphor; avoid prolonged use.

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