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Essential Oil of the month: Ravintsara

The essential oil ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora cineoliferum) is a reference in case of viral infections *. The people of the island of Madagascar call ravintsara “tree good leaves”; its essential oil has indeed exceptional properties that stimulate and strengthen the body’s defenses. Priceless protection against viruses, it is ideal to prevent winter illnesses.  grapefruit Grapefruit PROTECT YOURSELF IN TIMES OF COLD The synergy of its components actually essential oil is widely used in ENT and in the fight against lung disorders. Immunostimulant, it increases the body’s ability to fight bacterial attacks, viral, mycotic. * POSSIBLE USE BY SKIN DILUTED * Dilute essential ravintsara oil in vegetable oil for a massage on the chest to clear the airway. USES WISH LIST *