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My dream body ritual with essential and vegetable oils

The chirping and the melodious song of the birds indicate that it is time to wake up! Leave the winter torpor to stretch you, move, move, you relax, tone up, short shine to celebrate summer.


Exfoliate Rid your skin of dead cells with an exfoliating ready for use or, for fans of DIY, coffee grounds mixed with vegetable Sweet almond oil. Cellulite and essential oil of juniper Wind toy, pharmacist, explains in his book My bible of essential oils: “Organic Essential oils are a good anti cellulite solution: their powerful active ingredients allow them to drain, releasing” stuck “fibers and expedite the movement, 3 vital points in the fight anticapiton. In addition, the mechanical action of massage enhances their effectiveness. ”

In a 100ml bottle, mix :

Apply locally 10 or more drops of this mixture morning and evening, in deep massages.


Remember to drink water throughout the day.

MOVE, This IS ESSENTIAL! Get active, practice regular physical activity.

FEAST YOU! Eat healthy and eat fruits and vegetables, cooked or raw, season! And for the gourmand note, try the sweet treat offered below! Agar agar used in the recipe below has the distinction of “swell” and thus give a feeling of satiety. This is a 100% natural gelling agent derived from seaweed that comes in the form of a white powder. Flan with organic bergamot essential oil Anti-stress, anti bulimia *

Source: * Recipe Festy D. & amp; C.Dupin,

My little magic recipes with organic essential oils

  • Preparation : 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 3 minutes
  • Refrigeration: 2 hours

Ingredients :

  1. Pour the milk and agar agar in a saucepan.
  2. Bring to the boil and cook for 2 minutes while beating –
  3. Mix the organic bergamot essential oil with honey and stir in the preparation out of the fire –
  4. Divide into 4 glasses and let it take 2 hours in refrigerator

Note : You can replace the organic essential oil of bergamot essential oil with organic emon because it “helps cleanse the digestive system * […] aid elimination of fat * […] gives a fresher and brighter complexion it fights against the hydrolipidic retention (cellulite) *.

 * Properties stated by Daniele Festy Pharmacist My bible of essential oils

Remember to check the general and special precautions before use.