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Disorders of Sleep and Essential Oils

Your sleep is broken? You wake up and suddenly you can not fall back asleep? You will then experience the urge to find appropriate solutions. Indeed, lack of sleep has a direct influence on the mental and emotional shape. Moreover, the impact on the complexion is certain. It is necessary to take action: the essential oils with relaxing and calming properties are all shown to promote relaxation! Their valuable benefits help you regain good night’s sleep to be fit and wear a bright complexion! “Sleep problems are related to stress. “Says Fabienne Millet. The use of essential oils in atmospheric scattering associated with dermal application of relaxing essential oils is calming assured after a busy day.


Diffuser jet of dry air Tips for using : 10 to 20 drops of the mixture under the wrist and forearm, 3 to 4 times a day for the duration troubles.

The recipes are from the Grand guide essential oils Fabienne Millet


For more serenity, place a few drops of essential oil blends (above) on a handkerchief to breathe in the day. You can also choose a single essential oil *.

* In case of significant anxiety, the essential oil of Roman chamomile is very effective unless you are allergic to Asteraceae.

Source: F. Millet, the great guide of essential oils

Citrus species are known to facilitate the letting go.


For calm Preparation : pour 50 cl of boiling water on plants. Infuse 4 minutes. Add essential oil mixed with honey, stir and enjoy.

Source: The table No. 96

Consider reading the general and specific precautions carefully.