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Essential Oil of the Month: Organic Scots Pine

The essential oil of pine is extracted from the blue needles Pinus sylvestris , the “pine forest”, by steam distillation of water. Its balsamic and woody fragrance evokes the deep coniferous forests and pine needles with thick carpets.


Just a few drops on a wooden stand or roller for a fall release “small space” while lightness.


The main molecules are alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. Thanks to its components, essential oil, colorless, offers bactericidal * * expectorant, mucolytic *, anti-inflammatory and analgesic * *.

* Bibliographic Source: Fabienne Millet, the great guide of essential oils


Diluted Dermal Mix decongestant, antimicrobial, antiviral For adults – Essential oil of Scots pine organic 2ml or 30 drops – Essential oil of organic Niaouli or ravintsara 2 ml or 30 drops – Essential oil of peppermint bio 1ml or 15 drops – Vegetable oil Macadamia QSP 50ml use tips : 10 to 20 drops of the application mixture to the chest 2 to 3 times per day for 1 to 5 day (s)

Source: F. Millet formula and advice, the great guide of essential oils


The recognizable red pine bark to its highest branches is one of the oldest plants. Fifty Scots pine varieties have been described. This conifer easily reaches 20 meters in height and lives an average of two hundred years. It belongs to the family of Abietaceae (Pinaceae) with about 250 species. Its wood, sometimes referred to as “northern pine” comes into effect rather temperate territories extending from North America to Eastern Siberia. It is resistant to drought and cold weather but fears the wind. Its cones are green and become red-brown when ripe. The male cones (base of shoots) and female cones (at the end of branches) are present on the same pin. The scales open to release the seeds that will be scattered to the four winds. 250kg of needles are required to obtain about an essential oil pint of Scots pine.

Remember to check the general precautions before use.

Special precautions: irritating essential oil. It is essential to dilute. Essential Oil reserved for adults and children over 12 years Against indicated for people with asthma and orally in patients with renal insufficiency.