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What are the different Eucalyptus essential oils used for? (2nd part)


The tree fragrant lemon essential oil but has the same smell as citronella. “The organic essential oil of lemon eucalyptus can replace that of Ceylon citronella (Cymbopogon nardus).” Fabienne Millet The good reflex Spread the organic lemon eucalyptus essential oil with geranium essential oil and Java citronella! If necessary, 15 drops of each organic oils for a perfect blend that will deter mosquitoes from approaching. The main indications “various infections; fungal skin infections; insect bites, itching; antiseptic atmospheric antiviral; joint pain (rheumatism, arthritis, tendinitis, sciatica); muscle pain (aches, contractures, cramps); back pain, lumbago …; stress, sleep disorders; insect repellent mosquito …; acaricide: ticks, mites houses.”

Source: The great guide essential oils Fabienne Millet, doctor of pharmacy .

How to use ?

– Dermal, diluted with a vegetable oil

– In atmospheric diffusion

ORGANIC OIL of Eucalyptus smithii

There are several hundred species of eucalyptus, this is one of multiple eucalyptus flowers.

The good reflex To tone the morning you can broadcast in the mixing of organic lemon essential oil. Ideal for addressing the day with gusto! The main indications “Broncho-pulmonary infections (bronchitis, cough, cold), influenza, insect repellent.”

Source: The great guide essential oils Fabienne Millet, doctor of pharmacy.

Special Precautions :

– Do not use in children under 12 and people with asthma because of the high percentage of 1-8 cineol. – Although the concentrate for any cutaneous application because it is irritating. – To broadcast in an electric diffuser jet dry air, you have to mix it with other organic essential oils, citrus oils, for example. First, because the citrus blend well with eucalyptus and secondly, because smithii eucalyptus essential oil is too irritating to be broadcast only.

Source: The great guide essential oils Fabienne Millet Remember to check the precautions before using.