Aromatherapy,  Floral Waters

Hydrosols: fresh summer mists

Floral waters or hydrosols have the same properties as essential oils with the difference that their active ingredients, that is to say, the aromatic molecules in trace amounts. The concentration of essential oils, an average of 0.1 to 0.2%, and allows the use of floral waters efficiently and perfectly safe. They are suitable for children and sensitive people. All hydrolats are astringent and choice is multiple depending on the action sought in cosmetics.

Floral water of orange blossom am : quiet skin irritation of dry skin, recommended for mature skin, tightens the pores of oily .

Floral water helichrysum is adapted to blotchy skin, the irritated skin and oily skin. Floral Water Roman chamomile reduces irritation of the scalp. Finally, it is used to maintain the blond highlights light hair. In this case, apply after shampooing, no need to rinse.

Cornflower floral water : a compress, it is known to soothe and relieve tired eyes. It reduces dark circles and reduces the stigma of a short night.

Source: The great guide essential oils Fabienne Millet, expert in aromatherapy .

To tone the skin in the morning :

  • Spray to inject instant vitality as a fine mist.
  • Apply a compress on the eyelids: the rose water is sovereign to wake the eyes smooth and fresh.

To refresh throughout the day In misting, floral waters great for refreshing.

Spray this light mist and enjoy this intense moment of pleasure. Facial features are revitalized.

Summer Tip : refrigerate for even more freshness and optimum conservation.