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Java Lemongrass Essential Oil

( Cymbopogon winterianus )

The plant , known in Roman times, was introduced in Europe in the fourth century. Native to Asia, the rods deliver a lemony flavor that enhances traditional Asian cuisine. essential oil from Vietnam, thanks to its content of geraniol, citronellol and citronellal, is reputed to hold off mosquitoes and their voracity.

The essential oil of Java Citronella is botanically very similar to the essential oil of Ceylon citronella (Cymbopogon nardus).

These are the flowering aerial stems, fresh or dried, which are steam-distilled water. Now Playing , you’ll enjoy spreading this invigorating lemony scent that you can associate with essential oil cineol rosemary, lavender or geranium bourbon to clean the ambient air and thus repel insects and spiders.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes: it is necessary to reapply often to keep it effective. It is imperative to dilute the skin; however, you can use pure on clothing.

Think consult the general precautions.

Specific Precautions: the citronella essential oil must be diluted because it is irritating used pure.

Source: the great guide of essential oils F. Millet

The good reflex: a few drops of essential oil of citronella in soil washing water will be a strong deterrent to keep out the small unwanted creatures.