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The essential oils on vacation!

Picking hypericum flowers in Provence for the production of vegetable oil St John’s wort is made in July. The first cicadas are heard, lavender offer their elegant blue stalks and sunflowers their blazing yellow. Summer has arrived and the holidays approaching. Florame offers you a list of products to slip into your travel bag. A minimum of products for maximum efficiency in lots of situations.


  • Inhalation dry, pure, a few drops on a tissue to calm down and de-stress. To renew if necessary.
  • In broadcast with citrus to promote relaxation (expressly lemon, mandarin or orange).
  • pure Dermal, a button, a small burns or insect bites to quickly calm the pain and for its anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties. Only in an emergency move. For adults.

*OILY macerate WORT :

  • To relieve sunburn when they are light. Dermal alone or combined with the essential oil of lavender.
  • For its anti-inflammatory properties for muscle or joint pain for athletes and others. In massage combined with essential oils targeted to the desired action.

* oily macerate : maceration of plants in a vegetable oil to extract the active ingredients.

Source: The great guide essential oils , Fabienne Millet .


Wonder of wonders for the hair and skin with its film-share

In addition, it does not oxidize, spreads and penetrates very easily and the skin becomes soft and silky all hyper.