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5 Simple Tips to enjoy the Benefits of Organic Grapefruit Essence

Elegance, refinement characterize the subtle scent of organic grapefruit essence. In a completely different note, « The party tomorrow, it provides a significant boost to drain our liver and our kidney and, in general, accelerates drainage and cellulite (think to it for your programs « detox).  » Source: Wind toy, My little magic recipes with essential oils grapefruit KEY PROPERTIES OF ESSENTIAL OIL GRAPEFRUIT – « bactericide, antifungal, antiviral (d-limonene), it kills bacteria, viruses and infections due to fungi. – Liver Detox (limonene), it cleans the body. – Anxiolytic * – Regulates sebum on the hair.  » * calm, soothes, relieves tension Source: Fabienne Millet, the great guide of essential oils, 2015 edition TIP # 2 IF EXCESSIVE « It is good for the digestive system, especially when there was excess. Dilute 1 drop essence of grapefruit bio in honey and lie with water .  » Source: My little magic recipes essential oils Festy D. & amp; C. Dupin TIP # 3 dry inhalation CALM STRESS « Fatigue, stress? Pour 1-2 drops of essential oil of grapefruit bio on a handkerchief that you breathe. At frequently repeat if necessary.  » Fabienne Millet TIP # 5 FLAVORING YOUR PASTRY A dozen organic grapefruit oil drops to flavor a cake or pancake batter. « The dosage of drops does not require great accuracy and it often takes ten to flavor a cake or pancake batter. Indeed, since it is a preparation that undergoes baking, grapefruit scent fades considerably.  » Valerie Cupillard, Cooking with essential oils and floral waters