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Oil Verbena Yunnan Organic Essential

To boost your energy and boost your energy, think about the essential oil of lemon or verbena litsée Yunnan organic (Litsea cubeba, Litsea citrata). Its fresh scent with zesty notes is irresistible! It creates a good mood and it deserves its nickname oil happiness! WISH LIST USES: 1 It’s hard to resist the urge for a cigarette ? Pour 1-2 drops of essential oil of verbena Yunnan bio on a handkerchief and breathe. Repeat frequently if necessary. DISSEMINATION IN AIR, TO PREVENT FLU COLDS 1 – Essential oil of organic ravintsara 4 ml or 60 drops – Essential oil of organic verbena Yunnan: 2 ml or 30 drops – Essential oil of organic grapefruit: 3 ml or 45 drops verbena essential oil of Yunnan bio should never be broadcast only. ANXIETY 4 Specific recommendations Yunnan verbena essential oil can be irritating to high dilutions or for sensitive or damaged skin (children, skin inflammation …).