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Essential oil of the Month: La Marjolaine ö Shells

Origanum majorana USES FOR HAIR CARE EXPRESS Add 3 to 4 drops of essential oil of marjoram shells in a shampoo nutty to limit the development of fungus responsible for dandruff. Beware eyes! Source: The great leader of the essential oils of F. Millet FOR CALM COUGH DRY MIXING ANTI DRY COUGH Adult Essential oil of lavender 2 ml or 30 drops essential oil shells marjoram 1 ml or 15 drops Vegetable oil Macadamia QSP * 30 ml * Qs: amount sufficient to Preparation in a bottle, first place essential oils and add 30 ml of macadamia vegetable oil. Shake. TO RELAX MIX RELAXING CALMANT Adult Essential oil of ylang-ylang 1 ml or 15 drops essential oil shells marjoram 1 ml or 15 drops Small grain bitter orange essential oil or lavender 3 ml or 45 drops vegetable oil qs 50 ml MORE Legend has it that it is the goddess of love, Aphrodite, who gave his fragrance Marjoram. She was nicknamed « lucky grass » braided crown and offered at weddings. The plant, very fragrant, is called « marjoram shells » because of its small flowers shaped hulls. It is sometimes called « marjoram or oregano gardens » and easily falls under the spell of his adorable little pink and white flowers. oval leaves, when bruised, deliver a powerful perfume. This herb confers any unique flavor popular in cooking. The « Oregano » name comes from the Greek OROS « mountain » and ganos « joy shine. » In ancient Greece, wild marjoram was renowned for digestive disorders. The shells marjoram has been known for centuries for its breathing and calming properties. Its essential oil has a sweet herbaceous scent accented with subtle notes acres. It does not contain carvacrol. It should not be confused with the essential oil of green oregano (Origanum vulgare), or essential oil in compact inflorescences oregano (Origanum compactum) or even with oregano essential oil Spain (corydothymus capitata). These three essential oils contain carvacrol which is the main constituent.

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