About Florame,  In Provence

The herb garden or the spirit of the simples square

Very structured and colorful, square simple is the name given to a garden that contains a concentrate of aromatic and medicinal plants. It was originally delimited Plessis, small fences woven wicker or hazel wood and fountain was at the crossroads of gardens.

The term “simple” means the remedies obtained by a single plant, as opposed to say preparations ‘masterful’. Over time, people have learned to use plants that nature lavished on them to cure many ailments.

The herb garden was born from the desire of men to always have a “kit pharmacy” natural handy. These same herbs used herbs for culinary preparations and for the preparation of infusions.

The dyeing plants and textile : saffron, pastel or textile plants such as flax or hemp. The Magic Plants: so named at the time because of their “mortal” powers or “saving” and the mystery surrounding them.


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